Piano Medley

A few years ago I decided to pursue a career as a trainer.  Physical fitness has always been a passion of mine, and although I didn't study exercise science in college, I knew that if I applied myself I could learn, and learn fast.  At about the same time, I also wanted to learn how to play piano.  Like fitness, I loved music and I always wanted to play an instrument.  I never took piano lessons growing up but I always had a good ear.  One year, I asked my parents if I could join the school band and learn to play saxophone.  It wasn't cheap so I had to make a choice between saxophone or football cleats.  That was a no brainer, CLEATS!!  

Over the last few years, I've noticed there are actually quite a few parallels between the piano and a training program.  A full piano has 88 keys, each one representing a different note or sound.  Even though these notes have been the same for centuries, great musicians are constantly coming up with new sounds and arrangements, new ways to play the same old notes!  On a piano, the perfect combination of notes have to be played with precise timing to achieve a desired sound or style of play. You can't just be good at playing as many keys as possible or playing one note really fast (ahem crossfit).  You have to put it all together.  Training really is no different.  Movements like the squat, pushup, and deadlift have been around forever!  Although some would have you believe otherwise, there is nothing new about dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, etc.  The best trainers find a way to put that all together, in new arrangements, to achieve a complete program that balances everything.  Athletes are artists and they step on the stage to perform just like any other rock star.  As a performance coach, my job is to support these athletes behind the scenes.  Its not about me, I'm not the one on stage.  But could you imagine how nervous John Legend would be if he went on stage knowing the piano wasn't tuned properly?  That wouldn't be a great way to start a confident performance.  For athletes, their bodies are their instruments.  Every movement as defined as the notes on a keyboard, easy enough for anyone to execute individually.  What makes them special is their ability to combine these movements, in different ways, with precise timing to create something spectacular.   I do my best to keep every note tuned properly, build confidence in their ability, and allow them to create the highlights we all admire.   

Just for fun, here's a medley I put together for you to enjoy.  Its the same exact notes thru the entire medley of songs!!  This is another parallel to training.  Even though you may be using similar techniques, you can arrange them in different ways to create something new.