Neck Strength

Here are a few neck strengthening moves that I do with all of our athletes.  Many people will think of neck strength as something that is just for guys or just for football players.  The truth is concussions happen in every sport.  There are just a many concussions in girls youth soccer than in football. These exercises certainly don't guarantee safety but they can definitely help.  There is no risk in developing the muscles around the neck to support the head.  So worst case scenario there is no harm done, and best case scenario, the athlete is better prepared for the sudden jolts that can cause a brain injury.  This video will teach you how to strengthen the muscles in the front and back of the neck.  There is no need to work on the muscles that surround the neck on each side, as they will also be strengthen with these exercises.  The breakdown of these exercises is even for the week, so a person that trains twice a week would do front side one day, and back side on the next day.  

For more information on concussion awareness, check out this article by Kevin Boyle, Director of Explosive Performance.