Custom Online Training Packages 

Price: $195 for Individuals

*contact for team pricing

  • 2 month training program tailored to your goals and resources, with weekly phone consultations and assessments.  Each plan is designed to address your specific needs and track your progress.  You will be given pictures and videos on each movement so that you know exactly how to perform them safely and benefit from each workout.  If you want extra coaching on something specific, send me a video of yourself for an in depth analysis and breakdown of your movement.  

* sample program

*sample program

  • Video Movement Analysis via Coach's Eye App                                      

"The program was comprehensive and I enjoyed working through it.  My favorite part was the functional nature of the movements and that it was specific to soccer players and what we need.  The program could be used by any elite soccer player and they would see results."  
-Nataly Arias, Colombian National Team